Welcome to our Minecraft paintball WIKI!Edit

Here is the basic information you need.

IP:, also if you like to.. You can play our skyblock server on the IP:

Also don't forget to watch our videos on youtube!


WackyProductions (A.k.a. THEREDBARON24, Owner.)

FUTILEGAMERS (A.k.a. WhiteNova & Sleepydog101, admins.)

Smashdownmc (A.k.a. ThorinOaken, Co-Owner.)

Paintball guides and information.Edit

Our server is all about the game paintball. 

The game is enjoyable whenever you follow the rules and whenever you don't take the game to serious.

The rules are simple, just all the basic rules from every server.. No spamming, no caps, no advertising, etc,..

Whenever you need help, join our forums. We will be helping you out on there when you have any questions and or problems.



(This is the main guide for paintball.)

(This is for uploading maps that you made, to show us how it looks like if we like it, it might be in the server.)

(Reporting format, says enough.)

That's it for now,

Hope to see you online!

Thanks, THEREDBARON24 (LE_BARON) & staff.

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